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I’m sensitive.

I can stand up for myself.

How I can relax over movies and good books.

How I can be close with my sisters.

How I can be calm with morning air and rain.

Love Love Love

Hey everyone! I hope you guys are fine. Today I’m going to post three things that I’ve been enjoying for a while. So… let’s get into it! I’m so excited! (Warning though, this is a long post)

1. Full House Kiss by Yuwa Shiori


photo source: mangafox

This is the comic I read in elementary school I guess, but I just read volume three and four. My sister bought them, no idea why she didn’t get volume one. I ended up borrowing the comics. And this is such a good one. I’m really glad I gave it a try. It’s a cute and easy comic; nothing’s too complicated. As a whole I would say the comic is about friendship, family, love, and mystery.

It’s about a girl whose parents were dead and she wanted to find her older sister. Her older sister was the only family she’s got and people speculated that she eloped with her boyfriend. Not only that, people (or rather, police) speculated that her parents committed suicide by falling to the river with a car. However, Mugi-chan didn’t believe that. Given that her parents leaving an alright notes, she didn’t buy the police saying. That was also the case with the her older sister disappearance. So, she went to this high school based on her sister’s note to investigate her sister’s disappearance. But it was an elite high school and she couldn’t just go into the school. Then she met Kazuya-kun and they made an agreement. He would make her go into that school but she had to be a maid in his house. Apparently there were four male students (aka La Prince) in the house (also Mugi-chan was only 15! I know I know right). After that we got to know her journey in the school and how she met her sister.

I might have to add that the comic is drawn beautifully and there are a lot of chibi-drawing. That was so cute I can fly to the sky!


Oh my god. Oh my god. I love this comic. I also like how the story is quite realistic about approaching people. Apparently, all the princes had their own issues and Mugi-chan didn’t pester and push them. They become close but also there were things that not all of them can shared. I don’t know… it just seemed real in life. I like how their issues weren’t explained thoroughly, just a very little hint here and there. Also, I guess not everyone would say the premise is realistic; I wouldn’t say either but I find it quite intriguing. But here is the thing that realistic, all of the princes fell in love with Mugi-chan. It’s just… how could they not? Mugi-chan was a determined girl, had a clear vision, was a hard worker, brought them together, pretty, caring, funny, a good cook. Such a person with a quality, right? This, again many people I believe would say that it’s not a believable character. So I guess that’s why Mugi-chan was a bit clumsy, sometime acted without thinking and etc. I guess I have some people like this in my life, so I’d say it’s believable. But it doesn’t matter much I guess, I think the real matter here is that I enjoyed this comic. I couldn’t stop smiling when I read it. Speaking of it, I remember my literature lecturer said that finding realistic in fiction is nonsense because fiction is not real life even though it’s made based on the real life. She also said that people perceptions will be different; it’s kind of expected because people think in a different way. So this is maybe how I told you about the comic. If you are interested, there’s no harm in giving it a try!

2. Marriage without Dating


photo source: koreandrama

This is an on-going Korean drama I watch. Honestly I have a list of dramas I kind of want to watch and this is my first item on the list. Currently it aired its 6th episode. This is so good. I’m totally smitten!

This drama tells about a man who doesn’t want to marry and a woman who wants to marry. Because of some and rows of misunderstanding, finally they plot something. The reason behind the plot is to help the man stays single.

My thought is that the premise is interesting enough. I gave it a try and oh boy I love it. I love the story, editing, acting, fashion, setting. I already watched episode six and oh my heart!!! I can’t wait to watch the next episode. Also because this is an on-going drama, I will have to wait patiently. Oh I have to mention this too: the main actor is so handsome!

3. Ryu Sera’s Cover: A Thousand Miles

Who is she? She’s Sera, a former member of a Kpop group Nine Muses. I was shocked to hear that she’s leaving the group. Previously, Lee Sem, another member, also left the group. They are my favorites in the group besides Kyungri. Anyway, she made a YouTube account!!! Now she has several covers already. Give it a try, her voice is so calming. This, by far, is my favorite cover of all her covers.


photo source: 9muses

Playlist 1.0

Here are songs that I’ve been playing these days. Some of them or mostly are old but I just discovered (and re-discovered) them. Most are sad songs but truly beautiful and perfect for rainy season for me

  • Second Time Around by Lady Gaga
  • Six Degrees of Separation by The Script
  • Let Her Go by Passenger
  • Be Your Everything by Boys Like Girls
  • Little Thing by One Direction
  • Wherever You Will Go by The Calling
  • Skyscraper by Demi Lovato
  • Where Did We Go Wrong by Toni and Babyface
  • I’d Rather be Broke by Toni and Babyface
  • Be Mine by Robyn

So sorry for the lack of posts and the messy of the blog. I found this theme and installed it because I really like it. However I haven’t had time to edit. Hopefully it will be soon. Until next time, take care! xx


my life in a venn diagram

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Video 1.0

Hey loves! Just want to share some great videos in my subscription yesterday morning :)

Until next time, see you! xx


"Our hearts
are wild creatures
that’s why 
our ribs 
are cages”


Dad’s finally home. It feels right, finally. However I cannot hold my tears. When dad entered our house, he told my sister and me sorry. It’s heartbreaking. Like when mom told us she was sorry because she made us cry by telling dad’s illness. Heartbreaking