Everything Seems Perfect

From the very bottom of my heart.

I’m tired.

I’m reflecting and I’m done.

You don’t know everything about me so don’t bother to judge me.

I always try to be understanding so why are you counting and pointing out my flaws?

You’re never in my position so don’t you dare telling me what to do.

You don’t know my story so don’t try to make my ending.

You know what?

I’m usually think it over about how there is no one perfect.

You are kind enough.

But now you all, I can’t seem to bother remembering it.

"Perhaps we’ll meet again when we’re better for each other."

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  • Marriage without Dating episode 8 was just so… :—-( I can’t wait for the 9th episode, now.
  • I hate fireworks.
  • I hope tomorrow’s going to be a great day.
  • Happy Eid al-Fitr, all :-)

Sometimes what you need is a haircut

…from your very own hands. Right

Hello loves! Nadia’s here again, finally with a new post. Today I want to talk about… hmmm probably the craziest thing I’ve ever done in my life. Well I’ve done this in junior high school but it was just for bangs. This, oh God, this. I cut my hair about 9 cm last night.

I didn’t know what I was thinking. I was in my sisters’ bedroom, in front of their mirror. I was looking at myself, as you guys know I like to see myself in the mirror as I mentioned in this post. I touched my hair and said to one of my sister what if I cut my hair; I had bad ends of my hair. She said “okay, do it” and I did it. It wasn’t straight at first so I kept cutting my hair until I realized, like really realized that now my hair is short. It’s just collarbone length now. I don’t know if I love my current hair or not, but it’s a good thing now that I don’t have to tie my hair every now and then because my hair is wavy and quite thick.


I guess I know what’s behind this act. Partly this is because I was.. or still am quite stress about what happening around me; and partly this is because I’ve been wanting to cut my hair but I just didn’t have the time. But I guess this act sort of helps me. I feel so much lighter emotionally. And, don’t people say that short hair makes you look younger? If that’s the case, I’m happy to know. One of many things I don’t want to hear is that I’m older than my age. That just hurts and I’d feel humiliated. Talk about sensitivity…

I haven’t decided to go to the salon to make my hair more… I don’t know… better, I guess? However, don’t be grossed-out by me, okay? I guess I’d think about it. Oh! And oh! Do you know that this morning I’m spending my time looking for short hair hairstyle in YouTube? I’m wearing hijab so I wouldn’t it won’t matter when I’m outside my home but I just reach one conclusion that styling your hair in home is quite refreshing and makes you happy too. So that’s what I’m doing this morning. And of course I’m also waiting for “Marriage without Dating” episode 7.

And then this morning, when I’m typing this, I was wondering about something. When I’m 30 or 40 maybe this is one thing that I would tell my self when I was younger but maybe not. Maybe it’s one of things I don’t regret at all. Who knows? After all, I believe in my 30s on 40s I don’t think this would concerned me that much.

Have you ever cut your hair on your own? How did it go? Do you regret it or not? Also, since today’s Saturday, do you have a weekend plan yet? What is it? Hoping you guys have a fun day!

ps: okay, so right before I post this, one of my sister told me that I’m looking good and my another sister told me my hair is bad. I guess I have to go to salon after all!

bookishcath said: List 5 things you like about yourself publicly and then send it to ten of your favorite followers.

Thank you for this, bookishcath :) I really appreciate it!

I’m sensitive.

I can stand up for myself.

How I can relax over movies and good books.

How I can be close with my sisters.

How I can be calm with morning air and rain.

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